Hackney Quest: 30th Anniversary

Telling its story to the people who mattered.


We took on pro bono work to publicise the 30th anniversary of Hackney Quest, an organisation dedicated to supporting the development of young people, their families and the community in Hackney. Our job was to support their 30th anniversary celebrations, help with a Crowdfunding campaign and tell the charities story to the people who mattered.


To successfully activate the Crowdfunder campaign we needed to reach potential donors and raise awareness via targeted press coverage. We spent some time with the charity, learning about all the services they offer to create a series of films for them, used in their Crowdfunding campaign, at their anniversary celebrations and for social. We also created social assets to be used across the year, managed photography and filming, kicked off a press campaign to raise awareness of the drive for funds and welcomed ‘Questors’ to our offices for a series of workshops and work experience placements.


The evening of the 30th anniversary event, £30,000 was raised after potential donors watched our film and met ‘Questors’ and workers from the charity. The crowdfunding campaign page has £2,218 to date and is growing daily. Targeted coverage appeared in TimeOut and Evening Standard as well as local Hackney press to mobilise residents. Local celebrities such as radio DJ Trevor Nelson were also inspired to post on their social media channels about the campaign.