Grayce: Re-imagining the consultancy model

Having a voice in a saturated market

SOV (two years)
FT 1000
Europe’s fastest-growing companies list
UK Company Culture Awards 2022


In a crowded market dominated by traditional consultancies, Grayce’s goal was to raise awareness around its distinctive approach to its management and support of emerging talent. Grayce’s strong approach on graduates in an era that is currently celebrating and exploring alternative pathways, such as apprenticeship schemes, Grayce aimed to establish itself as a leading consultancy for the emerging tech talent.

To accomplish this goal, our objective was to amplify Grayce’s presence and differentiate its approach from its key competitors. We devised a comprehensive communication strategy that featured a diverse range of spokespeople, ensuring a well-rounded representation of the company’s expertise and values, and ultimately boosted Grayce’s Share of Voice in the industry.


Our approach with Grayce focused on differentiating it from its competitors by crafting a new messaging strategy that highlighted its uniqueness. Recognising the significance of skills shortages and the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) as prominent topics in the tech industry and in the media, we strategically aligned our activities with these themes to showcase Grayce’s unique perspective.

To achieve our objectives, we employed various creative strategies at the top of the communications funnel, including captivating storytelling, thought leadership initiatives, profiling industry leaders and presenting case studies. These efforts were tailored to resonate with both business leaders and graduates. Furthermore, we brought real experiences to life by highlighting graduates’ profiles and sharing their personal stories – showcasing their achievements through Grayce. By closely collaborating with Grayce’s spokespeople, we gathered unique insights that informed our strategies and ensured fresh perspectives.

Drawing from our diverse bench of spokespeople, we explored a wide range of industry verticals to expand our reach and maximise impact. As part of our thought leadership efforts, we developed a comprehensive whitepaper titled “Navigating the Digital Skills Gap: How Business Leaders Can Empower Continuous Learning,” positioning Grayce as a trusted authority on a critical business issue.

Additionally, we designed an awards programme to identify relevant opportunities and crafted compelling award entries that not only helped Grayce secure wins but also enhanced the company’s reputation within the industry.


Through this multifaceted approach, we successfully positioned Grayce as a standout player in its industry, highlighting its unique strengths and thought leadership to drive success. Key successes include:

Raising share of voice: we increased Grayce’s share of voice from 19% to 49% against its competitors, ensuring increased exposure in the UK trade media. This significant growth in visibility in key trade titles helped Grayce establish a stronger presence and solidify its position as a leading industry player.

Key message penetration: through our strategic communication approach, we achieved 100% penetration of Grayce’s key messages across all media coverage. This ensured consistent and effective communication of Grayce’s value proposition to its target audience.

Awards: Our collaborative efforts and deep understanding of Grayce’s business model resulted in a successful award campaign programme. It led to Grayce being included in the FT 1000: Europe’s fastest-growing companies list 2022 showcasing its impressive growth trajectory. It also won the UK Company Culture Awards for 2022. Notably, it also was named finalists in over 10 award categories 2022 alone, including awards for inclusion and diversity, technology awards and growing business awards.