Our formula for cybersecurity communications success

We’ve seen huge changes in the UK media landscape in the past few years. Many publications are struggling financially post-Covid and are therefore publishing fewer stories. The stories being published are dominated by the cost-of-living crisis, political unrest and the impending recession. And time poor journalists just don’t have the time they once did to really get under the skin of brands and the stories they want to tell. That makes getting your voice heard incredibly difficult and many organisations have had to rethink their communications strategies to cut through.

The challenge for those in the cyber security sector is an interesting one. The public and businesses are keen to hear more about breaches, the changing threat landscape and what can be done to protect against them. But it’s incredibly competitive. The global cyber security marketplace is measured at over $184 billion, and it’s very fragmented with lots of vendors competing for media share of voice. But many of the vendors are saying the same thing. It is confusing for buyers wading through a complex mix of solutions, and it’s even more difficult for journalists to differentiate.

Column inches are dominated by headline-grabbing statistics displaying alarming rises in threats and attacks. Cyber security stories intersect with geopolitics, crime and many other areas of media, and it affects individuals and organisations everywhere.

So how do you stand out? Which stories should you comment on? What emerging trends do you want to align with?

With an enviable roster of established and emerging security brands, we know how to tell compelling, impactful stories that deliver real business impact. Our new ebook, ‘HACKING THE MEDIA – A formula for cyber security communications success’, can help your cyber brand stand out and build a comms strategy to navigate this fast-moving media landscape.

In this guide, we’ll show you our formula for how to get cut through in the media, as well as some key considerations for comms in the crowded and competitive cyber security sector.

Read on to discover how the cyber security media landscape has evolved and our formula for capitalising on it.