Decisions company Secondmind debuts with Brands2Life

London, 2nd October 2020 – Brands2Life has been appointed to support the launch of Secondmind – The Decisions Company in the UK. The Cambridge-based company, which has been developing Secondmind for four years under the name, selected Brands2Life as part of a competitive tender to communicate its mission of empowering people in business to make better decisions.

Secondmind aims to close the gap between people and artificial intelligence (AI). Backed by more than four years of practical, award-winning AI and machine learning (ML) research its technology is designed to help businesses better predict, plan, compete and manage risk in an increasingly uncertain world.

Brands2Life has been heavily involved in the launch and will be focused on raising awareness of Secondmind and how the Secondmind Decision Engine can help non-technical people understand its predictions and make complex decisions with confidence, including decision-makers in leading transportation and logistics and automotive companies, among others.

Kate Matthews, Head of Corporate Communications at Secondmind comments, “The Brands2Life team demonstrated strong expertise in telling complex narratives for fast-growing AI companies. We were looking for a communications partner that understood our passion to build practical AI that does something useful for our customers and to create a decisions category. The Brands2Life team impressed us with their enthusiasm and understanding of our customers’ challenges.”

Fiona Goldsworthy, Deputy MD, Business & Technology at Brands2Life adds, “Coming on board in time to debut Secondmind is exciting for us as we see huge potential in telling its story. We love working with AI brands to cut through the noise around this fascinating but often misunderstood set of technologies and Secondmind is a brilliant addition to our growing portfolio of AI pioneers. We see Secondmind as a brand that will transform how the world makes decisions and are thrilled to be working with it.”

Secondmind has also appointed Brands2Life US to introduce Secondmind to the US market ahead of future growth and expansion plans.