Brands2Life launches AI-Powered Influencer Marketing Service

London, 23rd December: Brands2Life, the award-winning independent integrated communications agency, is today launching PUNCH: a new influencer service to help marketing organisations find and work with expert influencers and creators across both consumer and B2B sectors.

Unlike other influencer marketing services, PUNCH is end-to-end, helping not just with influencer identification but also strategy, validation, engagement and ongoing management. It uniquely marries machine and human intelligence, matching data-intensive rigour with human judgement to ensure brand alignment, reduce risk and maximise returns from influencer investments.

“Influencer marketing has, for many, lost some of its shine. Poor brand alignment and tactical consideration of influencer fit has led to poor and ineffective partnerships, some of which struggle to show ROI in spite of considerable investment,” comments Kinda Jackson, Managing Director, Digital & Influencer at Brands2Life.

At the heart of the service is an influencer identification and verification tool that shows brands which influencers matter most to their audience, assessing them on criteria of authority, relevance, impact, authenticity and more. Each evaluated category supports validation of the influencer, going beyond popular metrics such as engagement to look at subjective measures, for example professional experience and post quality. Combining expert human assessment with an artificial intelligence-driven algorithm which filters out fake and inactive followers and provides detailed audience data, it maps influencers against a benchmark, to ensure greater relevance to the client.

PUNCH is more than this, though. Brands2Life experts help brands shape overall strategies, determine the most effective engagement pathways, facilitate and manage influencer partnerships, manage measurement and help brands shift their mindset from tactical activation to always-on influencer programme delivery.

Both services have been rolled out and are already underpinning ongoing influencer programmes for a number of Brands2Life B2B and B2C clients to good effect.

“We know that marketing teams struggle with where to start, and how to measure the impact of their influencer engagement programmes. PUNCH is designed to break through that uncertainty and give clarity to both business and marketing stakeholders about what to do, who to do it with, how to manage it and why it matters,” explains Jackson.

The services are delivered by Brands2Life’s fully trained influencer specialists, who have a clear and distinct understanding of the different requirements and opportunities for influencers to enhance marketing activation for organisations in a variety of sectors.

“When people talk about influencers, thoughts naturally turn to consumers,” concludes Armand David, Managing Director, Applied Innovation at Brands2Life. “B2B influencers should not be overlooked – that’s why we’ve worked in tandem to create PUNCH PRO, which fills the gap in what is a growing and increasingly impactful niche.”

For more information and to read early case studies, please visit and  or visit the Turtl page.