In our AI Era – it’s a historic time to be in tech

This past week marked a historic day in America, especially when it comes to AI. In the early hours of last Monday morning, The White House issued what’s been described as a “sweeping” Executive Order from President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris devoted to seizing the promise while managing the risks of this burgeoning technological innovation. The Executive Office of The President then hosted a briefing on the order that same morning that I was invited to attend.

We’re in an era (Taylor Swift reference TOTALLY intended) where there’s a lot at stake around the world as organizations are clamoring to integrate AI across their systems, key issues continue to surface around ways to harness the power of this new technology to enable and support innovation but keep responsible use top of mind. Here’s a look at this most recent information out of the US and what comms professionals need to know to stay up to speed.

What’s being discussed?
  1. The new Executive Order seeks to establish new standards for AI safety and security with a focus on protecting Americans’ privacy, advancing equity and civil rights while promoting the innovation and promise it brings in its wake.
  2. The Director of the Office of Science and Technology describes AI as “one of the most consequential technologies of our time.” It’s impacting   several key aspects of our lives, from healthcare to mortgage loan application decisions, to how we pay for airplane seats and navigate ever-present climate change issues.
  3. Under orders from the US President, Joe Biden to “pull every lever,” the Executive Order details a broad swath of key areas where the government is looking to expand its knowledge and safeguards around as the innovative technology underpinning AI evolves.
What does this mean for comms professionals?

Just like most areas of AI at the moment, the landscape and key issues within it are still coming into focus and there is no one, definitive answer. To this end, the White House has been in a deep listening period since the creation of its AI Blueprint Bill of Rights published last October.

This past summer, the White House led an effort to secure voluntary commitments from 15 leading companies to drive safe, secure, and trustworthy development of AI, which helped to advance the initial work done to outline these specific areas where AI risk and reward are greatest.

The work in this area is just beginning, and it’s clear that the government leaders at the helm of these efforts welcome leadership and insights ‘from the field’ who are working with AI every day to help advance the shape these steps take going forward. Now is a great time to position your clients to shine in their own unique AI narratives, as well as to have an opportunity to share them with our government and by extension, the world.

The bottom-line? The time is now to be as bold, innovative, and creative as AI enables us to be in your brand client narratives. AI is not an ‘if’ but a ‘when’ – and the core of the conversation now is focused on what that future will look like. Our team at Brands2Life is here to help you tell your company’s story as your AI journey continues to unfold.