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4 lessons you can add to your SEO strategy

We were part of the lucky crowd at last week’s brightonSEO, learning all about the latest trends in search and content marketing (and eating lots of free ice cream of course). Below are the key things we’ll be watching, from two days with the best brains in search.

SEO alone isn’t enough for E-E-A-T

Though not a direct ranking factor, the hallowed E-E-A-T is what Google rewards in search. Websites need to prove they have Expertise, Experience, Authority and Trustworthiness in order to rank successfully. However, SEO alone might not be enough to do this.

It isn’t about showing the experienced author of the piece – just making it look like we are the authoritative source isn’t enough. Genuine authority is vital, not just unique content competing against lots of other unique content about the same thing.

For example, take one interview with an expert and create content across channels from that one interview, sweating your business’ unique expertise across different assets. It adds value across channels and customer touchpoints.

It’s time to shift focus away from just keyword research and buying links towards really understanding your audience. Use your experts to create content that makes other experts talk about your brand, driving quality backlinks and E-E-A-T.

TikTok (and social) can be key to search success

It turns out social is more integral to search than you might have thought.

Now people are increasingly using TikTok and YouTube as search engines, they are gateways for your audience to find your brand and reach your website.

For brands wanting to rank on TikTok’s For You feed, you don’t need to live up to the same E-E-A-T (Expertise, Experience, Authority & Trust) criteria that Google requires, but create content that works specifically for the platform. Tap into subcultures with relevant keywords, be unique and create content frequently.

From a tactical point of view, optimise your profile and on-screen text for keywords relevant to your audience and even test embedding your TikTok content on your website. You can even drag on-screen keywords off-screen to reap the SEO benefits without interrupting your visuals.

Think Search AND Social. Your website and social channels are all touchpoints for your brand that drive perception, not just traffic.

Level up your keyword research to win across all your channels

Often, we limit the number of keywords we audit based on cost and what tools allow us to do, not including enough variation or looking at opportunities you aren’t currently ranking for.

By broadening our keyword research with more data and looking more broadly at competitors and in more detail at things like seasonality, we can spot more opportunities.

Plus, by joining keyword research with social listening, surveys and other research to create a more holistic view of our audience across channels, we can better understand their behaviour and deliver more impactful content ecosystems. Siloes don’t do anyone any good, and keyword insights can support other insights as part of a wider strategy.

Whatever you do, don’t stop making content!

One thing that a number of speakers focused on was the importance of producing and publishing LOTS of content. Some even went as far as making the volume of content produced their key KPI.

The more content they had live, the more data they had to learn from, while consistency is key. Failing to invest in new content will harm growth, while being an authoritative voice relies on having an opinion on trending topics early too.

Yes, doing your research and understanding your audience is important, but focus on publishing content and building on the success, rather than letting yourself be paralysed by planning.

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