Sygnia: Establishing U.S. brand awareness in a crowded competitive landscape​

Utilizing bold insights and trendsurfing to generate increased awareness for Sygnia in the U.S. market


Sygnia is a leading incident response and cyber security consulting company based in Tel Aviv that protects organizations worldwide. Sygnia came to Brands2Life seeking to differentiate itself within a competitive cybersecurity landscape while also establishing its executives as industry thought leaders. In addition to a lack of brand recognition in the US market, due to the nature of its work, Sygnia did not have customers who were willing to go “on the record” to discuss their experiences working with Sygnia.

This made it essential for Brands2Life to leverage Sygnia’s executive bench, comprised of experienced threat hunters and IT leaders, to provide insights into ongoing cybercrimes to increase brand awareness among their target buyers in the US.


To establish Sygnia as a resource in ongoing US media conversations, Brands2Life developed a dynamic strategy to cut through the media ‘noise’ and position Sygnia’s world-class experts as thought leaders. Key to this effort was positioning Sygnia’s strong, opinionated voices to speak on leading issues plaguing global financial, healthcare, and legal institutions. We focused on crafting specific narratives about the essential value independent consulting and incident response teams, like Sygnia, bring to proactively build enterprise cyber resilience.

Brands2Life packaged these stories to deepen insights around the larger news agenda to derive maximum insights amid the sensitive nature of Sygnia’s work and lack of hard customer references. We led with Sygnia’s expertise to provide nuanced insights to real-life outcomes. This ensured we kept a focus on proactive trend-surfing that built value instead of reactive ambulance chasing.


​Results from Brands2Life’s consistent focus on telling Sygnia’s story to the US market resulted in a high-impact press office with multiple inclusions in Tier-1 media, including The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, and The Washington Post. We also drove regular ongoing traction in key vertical media, like Dark Reading, Bleeping Computer, and InformationWeek.