Qlik: Dominating global share of voice in tech innovation

Reaffirming Qlik’s position as the global leader in data integration, data quality and analytics solutions at QlikWorld 2023 and beyond

media interviews
influencer interviews
articles on AI from H2/22 to H1/23
media mentions from H2/22 to H1/23
customers quoted in 150 media articles


Qlik is a long-standing leader in data, celebrating its 30th year in business in 2023. As the world of data and analytics continues to shift amid rising innovations in traditional and generative AI, the industry conversation has become noisier, creating a fervent hype cycle. Qlik’s extensive experience and category leadership uniquely positioned it to rise above the noise, and we needed to elevate its voice, as a company and across its executive bench, to position Qlik as a leader poised for future leadership, growth and expansion.


Brands2Life pivoted Qlik’s global executive thought leadership approach from a focus on lines of business to AI and the growing promise it holds for the future of the modern data enterprise. Specifically, we focused on elevating its experts and customers as ‘champions of the future,’ to make Qlik’s position as a leader in enterprise data integration and analytics on the global stage crystal clear.

We utilized Qlik’s first live annual user conference in three years – QlikWorld 2023 – as a natural jumping off point to bring these themes center stage. Qlik CEO, Mike Capone was joined on the mainstage by emcee and leading woman in tech, Katie Linendoll, Chief Strategy Officer, James Fisher as well as marquee customers like Ford and the winners of its Global Transformation Awards.

In conjunction with global customers, select media from across the NAMER, EMEA and APAC regions, industry analysts and a handful of top influencers in the technology space, Brands2Life brought together the Qlik community to spearhead conversations around the ongoing challenges and opportunities facing the data and analytics space and planned a robust press and influencer schedule spanning all three days of the in-person event in Las Vegas.


The Brands2Life team coordinated and staffed 58 media interviews and 42 influencer interviews on the ground at QlikWorld 2023, resulting in 113 unique clippings, 40 customers quoted in 150 media articles, and over 10 billion in potential reach. Between April 17 and 24, 2023, 1 in 4 people in the world were likely to have seen or heard of QlikWorld as a result of the immense global success of the campaign.

The customer aspect of this global effort played a key role in its overall success, as their insights provided media and influencers with real-world applications of Qlik’s software and particularly AI offerings that are key in educating their readership.

The 4 influencers on-site from around the globe conducted 39 briefings, their postings resulting in 77.1% of overall share of voice for #QlikWorld. The total views of social posts  linked to Mike Capone’s keynote livestream reached nearly 6K and total social reach, measured by unique accounts reached by influencer posts hit 2.5 million. The 10 interviews conducted at theCUBE generated 49K syndicated live views, 125K impressions as well as 9.5K on-demand views on YouTube.

The execution of this campaign, on-site and at-scale is a true example of an impactful global effort that created a strong, concerted position for Qlik in the larger market. Campaign concepts, thought leadership topics, and related news were distributed to all of Qlik’s regional agencies for localization of messages in-market to secure coverage across LATAM, EMEA, and APAC both in the lead-up to the event and after.

As a result of the larger comms strategy pivot, the agency achieved an 18% increase in Qlik’s overall global media coverage, which included a 53% increase in articles about AI between H1 of 2022 to H1 of 2023. By expanding Qlik’s mindshare across all key global markets – NAMER, EMEA and APAC – the agency also increased its media cadence compared to industry competitors.