Bose Professional

Launching a new family of products to reinvigorate the category.


Bose spun off its professional line of audio products to create a new division. Brands2Life had the challenge of generating credibility for the relatively new brand while supporting the launch of a new family of portable audio products: the L1 Pro.


We crafted a review program to introduce the L1 Pro to the world. Working with Bose Professional’s deep understanding of its “prosumer” audience, we selected high-profile and competitive influencers and music journalists who could inspire and intrigue the end user via YouTube. Through a series of embargoed briefings, each reviewer received a one-on-one information session with the product team and curated content in advance. By the time the review units landed in their homes, our reviewers were well versed in the Bose Professional universe and knew the ins and outs of each unit. Every briefing coalesced around L1 Pro and Bose Professional messaging and staked Bose’s claim as an originator and innovator in the category it created 10+ years before.


This campaign helped Bose Professional grow its mindshare by working with respected musicians and writers and meeting our audience on their favorite platform—YouTube. The launch announcement also earned 100+ pieces of coverage within days.