Airport Dimensions: Rebranding in the new age of consumer travel

Positioning Airport Dimensions as a forward thinking, innovative leader in airport experiences

PR boxes distributed
interest from key industry publications to host interviews
coverage in trade media publications


Airport Dimensions is part of Collinson, a global leader in customer benefits and loyalty. Established in 2006, Airport Dimensions, previously known as “Airport Lounge Development,” has built a rapid growing network of lounge locations at the world’s leading airports across the US, UK, Middle East and South America. Under its brands The Club, Club Aspire, No1 Lounges, Clubrooms, sleep ’n fly and Ambaar Club. Together with over 50 airport and airline partners, Airport Dimensions delivers an award-winning hospitality experience to millions of travelers.

In 2019, following a period of rapid growth in guest volumes and airport lounge locations, the company made the decision to rebrand from “Airport Lounge Development” to “Airport Dimensions” with the goal to provide travelers with a broader range of innovative, premium experiences at the airport.

Airport Dimensions approached Brands2Life with the task of driving media awareness of the rebrand.


We hit the ground running with the goal to position Airport Dimensions as a forward thinking, innovative leader within the shared-use airport lounge space, while also highlighting the continued focus on fostering relationships between Airport Dimensions’ physical spaces (global lounge network) and passengers’ time spent at the airport.

With this in mind, we developed a curated list of customers, media, and influencers who would receive personalized PR boxes. These boxes featured corporate messaging of the new rebrand, including Airport Dimensions new logo, color scheme and social media handles. Additionally, the boxes featured four compartments that represented new “zones” offered in The Club lounge locations – Replenish, Rest, Refresh and Work. Each compartment featured a travel-sized item representing the corresponding “zone” to help make up the perfect trip (i.e. Relaxation Zone = inflatable neck pillow).

To capitalize on industry conversations, we planned the launch of the rebrand to coincide with ACI-NA’s Annual Conference & Exhibition in September 2019. This leading industry conference attracts aviation industry experts from more than 200 airports and airport authorities.


Brands2Life coordinated the development and distribution of 100 PR boxes for Airport Dimensions’ rebrand to be shared with customers, media, and influencers.

We also conducted strategic media outreach to an extensive list of journalists and influencers, announcing Airport Dimensions’ rebrand. This outreach resulted in secured in-person interviews with Airport Dimensions’ leadership team at the ACI-NA Conference with key industry publications. Additionally, impactful picks up in trade media publications boosted the company’s SOV for the month against industry competitors.