Redtail Telematics: Branding & identity refresh


Redtail Telematics needed to modernise its web presence; its lack of mobile optimisation was delivering a poor experience to its customers and prospects; the dated design didn’t capture the company’s leading-edge innovation in telematics technology, and its content management system was ageing and unfit for purpose, requiring consultancy support for even minor updates.


Brands2Life proposed a much more comprehensive approach to tackling Redtail’s image than simply updating its website; a wholesale brand and identity refresh, a new Azure CMS, creative photography to make the site more dynamic and distinctive from its competition and animations and infographic to bring its proposition to life.


The brand refresh transformed the company’s look and feel. The careful site and CMS migration not only retained the company’s search equity, but eight months later, traffic was up by 40%. We used the brand assets to update many of the company’s marketing and sales materials.