GE: Helping GE boost its industrial storytelling worldwide


GE sits on a wealth of innovation, engineering talent and customer advocacy. It wanted to help capture and deliver some of those stories in a more compelling way to engage its increasingly digitally engaged audiences; to build a human narrative for the technologies and services that power everyone.


We’ve been working with GE’s Power and Energy Connections businesses to find and develop, in the written word and visually, the stories that will shape the future of power generation, conversion and transmission. We’ve interviewed engineers in India, Africa and Latin America, and helped GE shape, polish and target those stories using social platforms and targeted advertising, as well as their own blogs, to reach the decision makers that matter. We’ve developed animations and infographics that translate highly complex technical stories into engaging, sharable content, from the future of wind power through to how GE is powering the world’s most efficient power plant. We’ve worked to build a social comms platform for GE Power’s CEO on LinkedIn, and are advising the senior leadership across the business.


Over the last two years, our content has delivered thousands of engagements and tens of thousands of views across LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. Targeted advertising has helped identify targets for sales and marketing engagement and delivered thousands of new followers on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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