Top tips to keep your cybersecurity comms
ahead of the curve

The cybersecurity landscape is constantly shifting, requiring an agile, finger on the pulse along with a regular cadence of pivots, adaptations, and innovations to keep up to speed and ahead of the curve.

From rapidly evolving ransomware campaigns to the global splinternet and tracking threat groups, creating comms that stand out and move the needle in this increasingly complex space requires a combination of deep technical expertise, quick-turn speed and a bench of thought leaders who aren’t bashful about bringing a bold voice.

People and businesses alike are equally at risk of becoming the next victim of a hacking attack as surfaces and vectors increase and opportunity for exposure is widened in an increasingly digitized society. As the cyber war continually shifts and rages, here are some tips to build into your comms strategy and help your organization’s thought leadership shine through:

1. Be bold and brave.

It’s a crowded and complex market space, with everyone vying loudly for attention. Comms initiatives that will differentiate your expertise and move the needle from a marketing/lead gen perspective can’t afford to be timid. Bold and brave viewpoints, particularly those that challenge the status quo and highlight the deep technical expertise of your team, as well as answer questions the market or media didn’t even know they had, is essential to carving out a strong and consistent share of voice and building lasting brand recognition and visibility.

2. Own your expertise – and use it to establish category leadership.

The cybersecurity space, as with many largely technical fields, is heavily dotted with subject matter experts. Leaning on these points alone, or even having the loudest or most active voice, isn’t enough to build an effective thought leadership program for your executives. What it takes instead is a concerted focus on key categories of the industry that your experts can confidently speak to, own, and leverage past successes/results within. For example, automotive cybersecurity amid the increasing prevalence of EVs and charging stations that are both vulnerable to hackers, or the education and healthcare tech markets which tend to be less sophisticated with regard to cybersecurity, where your experts could be in position to offer valuable and needed insight.

3. Leverage the breadth of expertise across your team.

Your executive team likely brings together leaders with backgrounds that span the range of the larger cybersecurity industry landscape. Brand each of them by their specific area of focus and gather commentary and insights from them that can be used to give media and industry groups a deep, insider view that goes beyond the surface of more commonly known terms, like ransomware. This gives these audiences something nuanced and unique while also using your company’s talent to educate and move the space forward.

4. Develop an effective process to create quick-turn rapid response opportunities and action them.

While on one hand, everyone is potentially a target and the ‘where’ is clearer (i.e. your networks or enterprise assets), the ‘when’ of a cyber-attack is largely hard – if not impossible –to predict.

It’s key to ensure your comms strategy has a process built into it to request, receive and action commentary on evolving cyber events when time is of the essence – within a few hours ideally. The news cycle moves extraordinarily fast when large events occur (i.e. Log4j earlier this year and Vice Society’s recent attack on a Los Angeles school district  system) -and the conversation quickly becomes crowded with everyone vying for a voice   and piece of the coverage cycle. Speed is key – as is having a nuanced, bold voice and take on the situation where possible. This is a core must-have part of an effective cybersecurity comms program to help you establish a position as a reliable source that key journalists come to proactively who they can trust to deliver a valuable view on key issues facing the industry.

We are consistently helping our clients across the cybersecurity space navigate the impact of the trends that take shape and stay ahead of the curve. If you’d like to talk to us about how we can put our BETTER STORIES BIGGER IMPACT approach to work for you, get in touch!