Sygnia: Enhance name recognition in a fragmented global landscape

Increasing recognition of cutting-edge technology.


Sygnia’s global team of experts are visionaries with deep-rooted technical and military experience to help organizations worldwide defend themselves against cyberattacks. The cybersecurity space is crowded and fragmented, and Sygnia was seeking a strategy to differentiate itself within this landscape and enhance name recognition for the company and its leaders in target press outlets.


We developed a high-impact strategy to take Sygnia from it’s position ‘today’ to its vision for the company ‘tomorrow.’ This meant deploying an approach focused on telling stories about the benefits of Sygnia’s expertise and technology through targeted campaigns in order to illustrate real-life results and outcomes.

At the core of this effort was the need to develop a strong, opinionated voice that leveraged a confident, bold style to position Sygnia’s team of experts as thought leaders on issues of cybersecurity and incident response through salient, brave insights backed up by anonymized data points.


The Sygnia program hit the ground running with a high impact press office. This involved introducing the company and its executives to key media within its golden circle, as well as in key vertical market areas, such as retail (holiday shopping/hacker stories), government, and key cybersecurity media with rapid response opportunities creating value-driven results. This is particularly clear with proactive pitching around the Log4j vulnerability which saw Sygnia’s experts quoted in a key piece of coverage from Venture Beat just as the news was breaking around the world.