Nikon: The Moment of Impact


In a world dominated by smartphone images, our challenge for Nikon is to demonstrate what can be achieved using superior cameras.


We worked with French mixed martial arts (MMA) world-champion Tom ‘Fire Kid’ Duquesnoy and pro UK sports photographer Tom Miles to push the fast-shooting capabilities of one of Nikon’s pro-DSLR cameras, the Nikon D500, to the limit and capture scenes that would be otherwise be impossible to see with the naked eye.

Like the Nikon D500, MMA artists are known for their speed, force, resilience and precision, and therefore was the perfect subject matter to demonstrate the camera’s ability.

Duquesnoy’s skills were taken out of the fighting arena and he was shot striking various household food items such as watermelons, cakes and pumpkins instead – capturing a new twist on the ‘moment of impact’


Campaign content has been activated across 28 European markets so far, with 59 pieces of dedicated feature coverage, including 4 nationals, 9 photography trade and 10 lifestyle pieces. On social, the campaign generated 5,000+ likes on Instagram and 4,800+ likes on Facebook and the video content from the campaign has also accrued over 600k views so far.

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