Snapchat goes DIY and Twitter turns full circle: what was hot in digital in June?

June saw sizzling heatwaves bask Glastonbury-goers in glorious sunshine – but which updates from the world of digital stole the show this month, and who got burnt? Read on to find out…

  1. ‘See What’s Happening’ in Twitter’s redesign

This month, the little blue bird got a minimalist refresh to help cement its position as the #1 platform for breaking news and live events, including real-time tweet engagements, extra accessibility options, a cleaner typography and a somewhat controversial shift from square avatars to circular profile pictures.

  1. Instagram’s most-followed celebs failed to label 93% of ads

If you’re using #sp on your sponsored posts, you’re not doing it right. 93% of high-profile celebs have failed to comply with FTC guidelines, which help consumers differentiate between organic and paid promotional posts. What celebrities like Kim Kardashian may not realise, is that in their efforts to ‘break the internet’ with their content, they’re actually breaking the law.

  1. Facebook passes 2 billion monthly active users

Despite being banned in China, Iran and North Korea, Facebook has hit a whopping 2 billion monthly active users – over a quarter of the world’s population! To celebrate, Facebook launched personalised videos similar to those premade on birthdays or to celebrate several years of friendship.

  1. Snapchat opens self-serve ads platform

Can’t afford your own Snap rep? Fear not! Get stuck in to your own Snapchat DIY, as it has now announced a self-service tool for any advertiser to buy its standard vertical video ads. Create your own design, targeting and geofilters all from the comfort of your desk – take a look at what’s on offer!

  1. Apple’s advanced augmented reality

New product features announced at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference included a ‘Do Not Disturb Whilst Driving’ iPhone mode, and also an augmented reality platform for developers. ARKit lets app makers draw on detailed camera and sensor data to map digital objects into 3D space. ARKIt is a stepping stone, and Apple is likely working on more AR products.

  1. Google fined £2.14 billion by EU over comparison shopping service

Following a seven-year probe and an analysis of 1.7bn search queries, the European Union dished out a record-breaking fine to Google – claiming the search giant denies consumers ‘real choice’, and rival firms the ability to compete on a level playing field by prioritising its own price comparison service over others.

  1. Twitter wins big at Cannes with billboard ads

Twitter scooped up the crown for Best Outdoor Advertising at this year’s Cannes Lions for their ‘clean, simple and engaging’ campaign. Billboards were adorned with three simple things: the Twitter logo, a hashtag and a recognisable image from news or pop culture. A firm favourite was eye shots of both Clinton and Trump during the Presidential Election campaign, demonstrating that sometimes less is more.

  1. Amazon buys Whole Foods

Amazon’s recent $13.7 billion acquisition not only serves up tasty digital retail experience opportunities for Whole Foods’ shoppers, but also helps cement Amazon’s move into the grocery market by integrating with a much-loved brick-and-mortar store.

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