Gemalto: Cyber Investigator Chronicles


Predominantly known for its telecoms expertise, Gemalto finalised the $890 million acquisition of Safenet, a pure-play security business, in 2016. The deal instantly changed the company’s outlook. As such, it needed a debut creative campaign that would build credibility and insert it into relevant conversations with customers and prospects.


We needed to stand out from the crowd – and standard reports, research and infographics wouldn’t cut it for a challenger brand. Trusting in the power of storytelling, we devised an integrated campaign built around a graphic-novel telling the story of a fictional organisation’s response to a hack, brought to life with social, influencer, digital, and live elements.

This was the best paid media campaign Gemalto has ever ran both in terms of engagement and cost-effectiveness. The campaign click through rate was over eight times higher than Gemalto’s average from the previous year, with 54,000 landing-page click-throughs and a cost per click as low as $0.03. With over 2.5 million opportunities-to-see across all digital and social activations, the campaign generated 125 opportunities to see for every pound spent and delivered over 70 high value leads to Gemalto’s pipeline.

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