Climate concern rising in the East

Climate concern rising in the East, to gain this understanding, we developed an international survey, the largest of its kind, which questioned the over 2,500 people aged 18 – 25(Generation Y), across five continents in Brazil, China, South Africa, South Korea UK and the USA.

The results of the research were startling – they clearly showed that young people in China are leading the cals for brands to reduce their impact on the environment.  83% of those questioned in China said they would be more loyal to a brand if they could see if was reducing its carbon footprint, compared to 73% in Korea, 55% in the UK and 57% in the USA.

We launched the research to international and UK media, positioning it as a call to action for global brands to accelerate their carbon reduction strategies – or risk missing out on the spending power of emerging economies.

High quality coverage was achieved in publications such as China Daily, New Scientist, The New Statesman, BusinessGreen, Architect’s Journal, The Manufacturer and  The total opportunity to see was 21 million.

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