Nissan hits the slopes with Brands2Life

Brands2Life’s 2011 campaign supporting Nissan’s sponsorship of the Freeride World Tour demonstrates how we harness strategic sponsorship to transform perceptions of clients. Working across eight countries, the campaign lifted Nissan out of the automotive pages and placed it firmly in the aspirational lifestyle magazines and blogs.

Brands2Life assembled in an international network of PR experts in each country who identified key editors, flew them to Freeride World Tour events and gave them a white-knuckle experience which would translate into stand-out coverage. The press events included snow-drives in a Nissan Qashqais; flying to untouched back country slopes; experiencing the extreme Freeride sport close-up, as well as a buzzing after-party.

The campaign generated over 100 articles and blog posts in titles including the Guardian, The People, For Him Italia, El Mundo and the Financial Times – reaching a total audience of over 187 million.