Zoopla: Property Millionaire

Using PR to link build and drive traffic
to Zoopla’s website.

pieces of coverage
unique visitors


We were tasked with launching Zoopla’s “Property Millionaires” tool – a clever on-site functionality that tells people at what point their house will be worth a million pounds. Our brief was simple – in the absence of any ATL or CRM support, use earned media to drive awareness of the tool and get people using it on Zoopla’s website.


Key to our media strategy was ensuring journalists had a reason to include a link to the tool in their articles when we know they don’t want to drive traffic away from their own site. We used Zoopla data to create a story revealing how many property millionaires there are in the UK and which towns and regions were home to the most. The story created an element of intrigue which was catnip to readers who then couldn’t wait to try out the tool with their own postcode.

We teed up the news with exclusives with the Press Association, the Mail Online and the Daily Telegraph to give them the news in advance, followed by a wider news sell-in to remaining nationals, lifestyles, regionals and broadcasters on launch day.


The news generated 163 pieces of coverage, including 48 print and 109 online and six broadcast. 15 pieces were in national publications across print and online and 91 publications included the link to the tool, with the Mail Online even embedding the tool within their article. Homeowners loved the Million Pound Calculator it generated more than 300,000 impressions on social during the month of launch. Within the first month of launch the tool 121,619 unique visitors and 142 conversions (conversions are customers who converted on site after using the tool – e.g. sending for a property evaluation).