uSwitch: Energy Price Cap Campaign

Championing competition, rather than regulatory intervention.


uSwitch challenged us to champion competition, rather than regulatory intervention in the form of a price cap, as the solution to tackling high bills for energy consumers. ​


At each stage of our campaign, we co-ordinated a high level programme of stakeholder engagement, to ensure that those deciding or influencing the Government’s approach to energy market regulation were furnished with our insight and ideas. By focusing on the economic argument against price caps and suggesting alternative measures, we are able to deploy uSwitch consumer insight and data in order to evidence these positions. ​


We secured 28 key meetings over 10 months, including with special advisers to the Prime Minister, Business Secretary, Chancellor and First Secretary of State, the Shadow Secretary of State for BEIS, and the Chair and clerks of the BEIS Select Committee, amongst others. We succeeded in ensuring that the price cap was introduced as a time limited piece of regulation, including a sunset clause, and in the form least damaging to competition in the market. Other highlights of our activity included securing several references to uSwitch during Parliamentary debate, and in the official Commons Library Briefing Paper on the energy price cap, including a quote from uSwitch’s Head of Regulation.