uSwitch: Making the case for competition


The Government’s plans to cap energy prices had the potential to harm price comparison services like uSwitch. uSwitch asked Brands2Life to devise a public affairs programme, supported by PR, to ensure that Government ministers acknowledged that competition, not regulation, is the best way to keep prices low over the long term.


We marshalled complex economic arguments, and deployed consumer insight and data from uSwitch’s website, to evidence our position and create easily digestible messages. We secured meetings with influential MPs, select committee members, and Special Advisers in 10 Downing Street and other departments, as well as speaking platforms at industry events. At each stage of policy formation, we ensured that this network of contacts helped promote uSwitch’s key messages. This public affairs work was supported by an extensive media engagement campaign, which ensured that our key messaging was threaded throughout coverage of the price cap debate.


We positioned uSwitch as a leading voice in a national debate over an energy price cap and secured over 20 high-quality meetings with key influencers in Whitehall and Westminster. The campaign influenced policy to reflect uSwitch’s arguments that any cap should be time limited and the goal should be to return the energy market to full competition. The Government now highlights the importance of competition and switching, and accepts that any regulation should be time-limited.

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