Tetra Pak: Shaping the Future of Healthy Drinks

Tetra Pak asked us to rebalance the negative media and stakeholder narrative around drinks, sugar and health. This was leading to reduced sales in juice and dairy, two of Tetra Pak’s biggest categories.

As campaigners like Jamie Oliver pressed the Government to introduce a soft drinks tax, we saw an opportunity to highlight how many producers were already reducing sugar and innovating to bring new healthier options to market.

We built on this and showcased Tetra Pak’s commitment to supporting its customers by creating a report that explored and celebrated all aspects of innovation and reformulation of healthy drinks, supported by case studies from Tetra Pak customers. We launched the report at a roundtable attended by 24 stakeholders from industry, Tetra Pak customers, government and health experts. This complemented a programme of meetings with government officials responsible for the soft drinks tax.

The roundtable provided a neutral forum for discussing current issues related to health, obesity, sugar and drinks, as well as a chance to demonstrate the innovative work underway to improve healthy choices for consumers.  The combination of report and roundtable event, stakeholder engagement and media relations helped Tetra Pak influence the Government’s final proposals around the soft drinks industry levy and minimise the negative impact on drinks producers.

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