Tanium: Cutting through the WannaCry noise

Tanium is one of the world’s most valuable security start-ups, yet when it came to us April 2018, it was barely known in the UK. It wanted to get a voice on the biggest security issues facing its target customer in order to drive awareness and interest in its new Business Resilience Management proposition. It felt it had missed a major opportunity by not getting association with the major WannaCry breach which occurred in 2017.

To achieve this, we explored how little cybersecurity had evolved in the year following the attack, one of the most damaging ever. We took the pulse of IT leaders in the UK and Germany to understand how their attitudes had changed, building a series of targeted stories for different strands of media and selling in hard in the run up to WannaCry’s one year anniversary. We used the results, along with insights from customer interviews, to create a in-depth report to sit at the heart of a range of marketing programmes to support the Tanium sales team in targeting a very focused list of accounts.

We secured 41 pieces of global coverage, reaching a combined circulation of 8.2 million. The associated report was also downloaded by executives from a range of major prospects.

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