Rackspace Technology: Establishing a partner for technology transformations


Rackspace Technology has long been known as a trusted hosting provider. However, the company wanted to reposition its brand to be recognised as the leading technology services provider that could support companies in delivering successful digital transformation projects that delivered tangible business benefits.


We built Rackspace Technology’s brand as a trusted partner that could cut through the complexity of the enterprise technology landscape and show how companies can accelerate the value of cloud. Working closely with EMEA executives, Brands2Life developed brand messaging on the topics that are most relevant to their customers’ digital aspirations. Driven alongside a customer story programme, Brands2Life created narratives tackling the opportunities and challenges of technology transformation, underpinned with customer references that demonstrated the tangible benefits of working with a technology services partner.


In FY19, Brands2Life secured 102 pieces of coverage in the UK for Rackspace Technology – 141% against the KPI. More than four-fifths of this content included at least one of Rackspace Technology’s key messages.

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