Nikon: Project spotlight


In a world dominated by smartphone images, our challenge for Nikon is to demonstrate what can be achieved using superior cameras.


‘Project Spotlight’ was designed to shine a light on talented emerging Nikon photographers who are pushing the boundaries of photography, while simultaneously harnessing photography content trends that would deliver engaging content for editorial and social across Europe.

We challenged Portuguese photographer, David de Rueda to spend six weeks exploring Europe’s abandoned buildings and places, including a derelict Soviet space shuttle facility and the city of Pripyat in the Ukraine. We took a film crew on the road with David to capture him at work, to further engage Nikon’s social audiences and to drive traffic to its YouTube channel.


Campaign content was activated across 14 European markets, breaking new media ground for Nikon including Buzzfeed’s global site. The English language video generated over 16,000 views on Nikon Europe’s YouTube channel, and the campaign page on the Nikon Life website drove 15% of the site’s annual traffic last year.

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