Moonpig: Mothers Day

Putting technology to the test with parenting influencers for Mother’s Day.


Moonpig approached us in the run up to Mother’s Day to come up with a campaign that would support their wider marketing creative around #MumMakingMoments, drive traffic to the website and highlight Moonpig’s cheeky trademark tone.


Focus groups and a social audit around our ‘mum’ audience revealed a growing trend around discussing the realities of motherhood, parenting ‘hacks’ and parents’ concerns about the use of technology in their kids’ lives.

We uncovered that a universal #MumMakingMoment is answering those tricky questions kids always ask – everything from, ‘Where do babies come from?’ and ‘Why do I have to eat my vegetables?’, as well as the ‘little white lies’ that mums tell their kids when answering these. So, we asked – in a world of technology and kids increasing use of it, can there really be a substitute for mums when it comes to those tough questions kids love to ask?

Our solution: test the most popular (and newsworthy) AI devices (Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Assistant and Apple’s Siri) against the trickiest questions kids ask mum to see how they respond. But to make our testing credible we needed people who had influence in this space, so we enlisted the help of five real mums with high social followings.

We recorded each device’s response to a series of questions and sent them to our influencers to score each devices answer, with each device being awarded a ‘real mum ranking’.


Each of our influencers shared 4 x social posts about the campaign across Twitter and Instagram landing the message that for some things, there is no substitute for mum. 22 social posts were shared in total tagging Moonpig’s social channels and using the hashtag #MumMakingMoments with a combined reach of 96,960.

To further amplify the activity, we filmed a short video of real children asking the devices these top tricky questions. This was used by our real mums on their own channels as well as by Moonpig’s social channels, a boost of paid media spend helped to attract 117,000 views, and the content resulted in a huge 12% engagement rate on Moonpig’s Instagram posts.