Moonpig: Halloween cut through for gifts


After their brand refresh Moonpig wanted to highlight to a mass audience that they are about more than just cards, and raise awareness of their huge gift offering. We needed to devise a cost-effective, creative campaign that drove share of voice in a crowded earned media space (Halloween) and broadened awareness of Moonpig as a destination for gifts as well as personalised cards.


We knew that gin is one of the most popular gifts on Moonpig’s site as well as resonating well with both a broad consumer and media audience. So for Halloween we went about creating a truly ‘Evil Spirit’ with one of Moonpig’s gin suppliers. We provided them with fruit and herbs from England’s most haunted village, Pluckley in Kent, and recruited a real witch to individually ‘curse’  each bottle on the night of a full moon. We captured images of the new haunting product and sent samples out to media ahead of Halloween, with a limited edition of bottles being sold on the Moonpig site.


The gin went down a storm with media with over 60 pieces of coverage including 4 nationals. The 40 bottles of gin sold out within 24 hours of going on sale (sales were staggered across the two weeks prior to Halloween). And everyone was talking about the gin on social with Facebook posts from the likes of UniLad, Pretty 52 and the Metro garnering thousands of likes, comments and shares.

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