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Moonpig briefed Brands2Life to deliver a socially-driven Valentine’s campaign that would drive site traffic during a crucial trading period and make Moonpig stand out from the crowd. The campaign also needed to reflect Moonpig’s brand positioning – heart over humour, but with a touch of Moonpig’s trademark cheekiness.


Brands2Life brokered a partnership with NHS Blood and Transplant to allow customers to swap their usual Valentine’s card for an organ donor card. The cards encouraged people to sign up to the donor register, and crucially, tell their loved ones about their decision. The six free cards were designed to break the ice with classic love lines… reimagined, including: ‘I only have eyes for you…. unless they get donated to someone who needs them – which is also cool’. Two of the cards were designed by people directly involved in organ donation; and another by ex JLS star JB Gill and his wife Chloe, who had a personal connection to the cause.


The campaign landing page on Moonpig’s website received over 11,695 unique visits with 618 cards purchased and 262 people signing up to the organ donation register as a direct result from Moonpig. The campaign positioned Moonpig front and centre for Valentine’s Day with over 300 pieces of coverage, including a 4-minute dedicated interview on Sky News Sunrise. The video created by Brands2Life also achieved over 530,000 views on Moonpig’s Facebook page.


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