CHALLENGE challenged us to devise an integrated campaign that would increase its relevance among 25-34 year olds, increase social share-of-voice and favourability compared to its competitors, particularly on the social networks most valued by its 25-34 target audience: Twitter and Instagram.


Brits are naturally shy when it comes to talking about their love lives, so we knew we had to find another way of approaching the topic, by tapping into a subject matter that people are happy to talk about. We hit on one of the most Instagram-worthy subjects: travel. As such, our challenge, was to create a travel-focused campaign with equal appeal for both traditional and social media.

We decided on the idea of a ‘Date Explorer’ – a real role working for Match, travelling the world to pick up dating tips from other cultures which could be used to help Britons get better at dating. To launch our search, we created visuals and an application portal for our ‘Date Explorer’ role which we launched through the media receiving over 500 applications. We sifted through applications before selecting Laila Swann, a blogger with a large existing following on Twitter and Instagram, to take up the role.

We announced the winner to the media, resulting in national coverage and a spike in share-of-voice on social media with our hashtag #DateExplorer trending on Twitter. We worked closely with’s regional offices to arrange different dating experiences in the countries Laila would be visiting, providing content for her to tweet, blog, video and Instagram about.


The ‘Date Explorer’ campaign contributed to an increase in PR-driven site registrations and during the campaign saw a huge shift in share-of-voice on social media with 70,000 Instagram interactions, 25,000 Twitter interactions and a potential reach of 14 million on Twitter. The campaign also generated 35 pieces of coverage, including eight nationals.

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