Raising RB’s health innovator profile


RB is a multi-national consumer goods company with many well-known consumer health brands. Many of RB’s product innovation successes are as a result of partnerships with entrepreneurs and small businesses. We were tasked with raising the profile of the business amongst prospective partners.


We work with RB’s Emerging Sciences and Technology Team to raise awareness of the opportunity to partner with RB amongst entrepreneurs and innovators. Our integrated approach includes campaign development and social content creation. We partnered with Enteprise Nation to develop the ‘Pivoting Your Product’ campaign, targeting small businesses in the UK, and we run a LinkedIn thought leadership series featuring experts from RB’s global health network.


RB’s health innovation now has a voice in traditional media and on social channels too, providing a platform for the company to more easily engage with health experts and innovators. This has set the stage for bigger picture activity that will see our brief evolve from driving awareness of the company’s expertise to delivering partner leads and engagement.

1M LinkedIn article social impressions
1.4K LinkedIn article views
16K LinkedIn social engagements
17 pieces of coverage in Tier One media

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