Healthcare today is being disrupted and reimagined.  We are living longer but not necessarily better.  It’s a world where digital health is as important as traditional healthcare and where a health influencer is just as likely to be a blogger as a healthcare professional.

Our mission is to make LIFE better.  To tell the stories of the brands that are transforming people’s health and wellbeing-futures.

We incite action to make being healthy a habit through ideas that inspire, disrupt, provoke and educate.  Creating conversations with content, campaigns and partnerships that reach audiences wherever they are.

The team brings a unique blend of health and technology experience having worked with some of the world’s leading brands in digital health, OTC, skincare, women’s health, skincare, nutrition, oral care and eye care.

Our strategies meaningfully connect with consumers, drive recommendation from HCPs and build advocacy with KOLs and stakeholders.