Gemalto: Connected Living


Our brief was simple, to give Gemalto (the world leader in digital security) a voice on broader technology issues, unite the disparate parts of the business together to position the brand as greater than the sum of its parts, and support sales engagement efforts across the business.


Our strategy was to look into how connected lifestyles will look in a decade informed by the insights of today’s teenagers: the millennial generation. The emerging big spenders of 2025.

We surveyed 1,200 teenagers asking them about driverless cars and biometric technology, virtual assistants and whether they thought cash would be obsolete. We took the insights and developed them into written and visual content packages which underpinned a series of activations across PR, social media, marketing and sales channels.

We then worked with two social influencers to shape the study, analyse the results, and participate in a live social media chat. An illustrator brought the debate to life in real-time, posting visual commentary on social media. An infographic, blog posts, and a paid social campaign also drove report downloads.


The whitepaper and paid social campaign generated leads and the live Twitter chat had a potential reach of 2.4 million with over 400 mentions in just 90 minutes on Twitter and LinkedIn. Four blog posts on Gemalto’s blog saw 300 shares and viewed a thousand times. A total of 12 pieces of online content including web pages and blog posts were created around the campaign and generated nearly 4,000 visits.

Since launching the campaign, our work has also been nominated at the B2B Marketing Awards for Best Use of Social Media and at the Digital Impact Awards for Best Use of Existing Social Media Platforms.

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