A record-breaking crowd funding appeal

We love working with disruptive brands on challenging ideas.  They don’t come more disruptive or challenging than the world’s biggest-ever crowd-funding appeal to develop a brand-new smartphone device.

We are leading Ubuntu’s Indiegogo appeal for $32m to create the world’s first converged handset, the Ubuntu Edge.  This means it doubles as a smartphone and a personal computer, launching a full, desktop version of the user-friendly Ubuntu open source operating system, when connected to a keyboard and a monitor.

We’re handling all communications via print and social media.  Our campaign has secured over 250 articles including 20 national and business pieces in the UK and USA, and blanket coverage in mobile and tech media and blogs.  We generated multiple stories in the BBC, Financial Times, Engadget, Wired, and ForbesStephen Fry tweeted the appeal to over 6m followers.

We even staged a high-profile Reddit IAMA session for Ubuntu’s controversial founder, Mark Shuttleworth – which alone generated over $300,000 of pledges.

As a result of our activity the appeal has broken records for the speed of its growth – and it’s just overtaken the Pebble Smartwatch as the biggest crowd-funding appeal ever.

Even if the appeal doesn’t reach its target, the media agrees it’s sent a powerful message to the mobile industry: consumers are hungry for the next big device.  Here’s hoping that device is an Ubuntu Edge!

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