2016’s political dates you need to know

2015 will be remembered for its exciting and unpredictable politics.  This time last year you would have been hard pressed to find anyone speculating the Conservatives were heading for a convincing, outright victory in May, fifty four SNP hopefuls would soon be making their way to Westminster and to cap it all that arch Labour rebel Jeremy Corbyn would see the year out as leader of the party.

2016’s politics looks set to be even more critical for businesses with a string of significant elections taking place both here and abroad.  London’s future mayor, the UK’s future in the EU, Scotland’s appetite for independence and Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton’s chances in the US presidential race have already got the pundits betting, but with no clear consensus on outcomes emerging at all.

For now, business leaders can start to prepare for a string of major political events that could have significant impact on markets and global stability. So we’ve pulled together some key dates to add to your diaries:

  • 5 January: Labour reshuffle expected
  • 18-19 February: European Council summit where Prime Minister, David Cameron, is looking to seal a deal with EU leaders. If this happens, he must give 16 weeks’ notice before the referendum.
  • 26 February: Parliamentary elections in Iran
  • 16 June: EU referendum (or a less likely alternative is it could be postponed until the Autumn)
  • 5 May: Scottish Parliament elections; Welsh Assembly elections; UK-wide local council elections; Mayoral elections in London, Bristol, Liverpool and Salford
  • July: US Democrat and Republican Nomination Conventions
  • 18 September: Legislative elections in Russia
  • 8 November: Presidential elections in the US

We look forward to staying in touch throughout the year with regular blogs and networking events to give you cutting edge political intelligence and support your business and comms planning. In the meantime, please get in touch with our public affairs team with any questions!

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