Oriella PR Network Adds New Partners in India and Australia

Oriella PR Network today announced that it has added new partners in India and Australia to its alliance of leading independent communications firms around the world. Candour Communications of India and Blackie McDonald Communications Group in Australia are the newest additions to the global network, which now comprises 18 firms with a direct presence in 25 countries.

Oriella has added two important regions to its global reach with the addition of these new partners in India and Australia. Australia has long been a first point of entry for English speaking companies moving to Asia Pacific. And the BRIC economies of Brazil, Russia, India, China are widely recognized as having the potential to become the four most dominant in the world in the years ahead. In addition to Candour Communications in India, Oriella added Buman Media in Russia and EASTWEST PR in China earlier this year. VIANEWS in Brazil has been an Oriella partner for several years.

“We spent a lot of time getting to know both Blackie McDonald and Candour by working with each of them on a few joint initiatives during the past year. We’ve been impressed with the leadership, creativity and client results at each agency,” said Giles Fraser, Co-Founder of Brands2Life and Oriella PR Network. “The addition of these two partners sets Oriella up to support global companies in almost every major and developing market in the world.”

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