7th May: finishing post or starting line?

Blog post by Burhan Al-Gailani of our Public Affairs team

A key part of our public affairs work is helping companies understand the political process and engage with stakeholders on key issues.

So when we were asked by techUK to brief their public services board members on the likely impact of the election on the UK technology sector, we were happy to help.

This week, the political parties have been publishing their manifestos and campaigning for outright victory. But all the opinion polls are pointing to a ‘hung parliament’ where no single party will be able to govern alone. In these circumstances, the most likely outcome of May 7th’s vote will be some form of coalition or minority government.

It quickly gets confusing.

To help understand the different scenarios, rules and deadlines which will shape the formation of the next government, we decided to pull this infographic together.

If you’d like to discuss the election and how it may affect the issues that are important to you and your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch: Burhan.Al-Gailani@b2lpublicaffairs.com

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