Zoopla’s Property Millionaires makes an impact at the PRWeek Awards

We are delighted to announce that our ‘Who wants to be a property millionaire?’ campaign, created with Zoopla, has been shortlisted in the Technology category at the PRWeek Awards.

One of the most talked about topics within the property market is the rising cost of property. Whether your interest lies in your own property’s value, or if you’re a renter, keeping an eye on the property market. And, no matter what, homeowners are interested in those ‘blow the budget properties’ – the ones worth £1million or more.

Zoopla mined data to find out how many Brits are the proud owners of a £1million home which revealed only 750,000 homeowners, out of 28 million. To drive interest in our story about the nation’s property millionaires, we needed to find a way to help this 97 per cent of homeowners relate to the news – and get excited about it so that they’d engage with Zoopla and visit the site.

As a result, Brands2Life worked with Zoopla to launch Zoopla’s Million Pound Calculator. Based on the brand’s extensive data, it could accurately predict when a home might reach the all-important million-pound price tag.

Along with the Million Pound Calculator, we analysed the current Property Millionaire’s data set to craft a press release revealing the number of millionaires, the proportion in key areas across Britain and how these numbers have changed over the last year. Media was provided with an embed code, allowing the tool to be included directly with their article. This resulted in all press materials linking back to the Million Pound Calculator.

The campaign generated 163 pieces of coverage, including 48 print and 15 nationals, 109 online and six broadcasts. The tool performed well on social with over 12,000 likes, shares and mentions on Facebook and Twitter. Overall the campaign hit a total reach of over 18 million.

Winners will be revealed on Tuesday, 16 October, and the full shortlist is available to view here.

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