The story behind our brand refresh

This is a very special week for Brands2Life as we have launched our new brand identity. Our in-house creative team has been hard at work for two months, so it was with great pride and excitement that we unveiled a new logo and identity, website, collateral and four brand videos. We’re pleased to report that the feedback from both our staff and clients has been universally positive.

Many people have asked why we decided to do a brand refresh. After all, for those with long enough memories, we only introduced the old logo four years ago.

The truth is we wanted to showcase our greatest asset – our employees. We run a client survey every year where feedback on the passion and dynamism of our teams always gains one of the highest ratings. We wanted to put this front and centre of our brand so that we could differentiate ourselves from the competition.

We faced a rather nice branding challenge in that we have a brilliant name – clients often come to us and say they want to bring their brand to life. We also have a proposition that resonates strongly in the market – our BETTER STORIES I BIGGER IMPACT plays extremely well in a digital-first, integrated world. Clients love the idea that they can get truly creative ideas from us that they can run across multiple channels and that, using those channels, we can deliver tangible brand and business impact.

But we felt that, something in between our name and our proposition needed to be inserted – our ethos, the Brands2Life ‘magic’. Whilst our clients and friends know all about this unique Brands2Life attribute, people who don’t know us were missing out. It simply wasn’t coming through in our brand and, as a leadership team, we saw rectifying this as a critical success factor in our ambitious growth plans.

Our solution has been to re-think our logo and brand identity and put our staff right at the centre of the brand. The LIFE element of our name has become the dominant element in the logo and it becomes a window into our work and lives. You’ll see from the videos on our website how it brings to life so effectively everything we do here at Brands2Life.

In our proposition we talk about how we work for the brands that are transforming our world and how we do work that’s as bold as their ambitions. Our communal ability to understand and embrace LIFE in its broadest sense – people, belief, culture, trends – becomes an ever more important aspect of our capability to deliver on this. In a world of social and online, politics, business and entertainment all sit side-by-side on our social media channels we need to be able to cross-fertilise ideas and tactics across our various disciplines. We are well set up for that as all our teams – business, consumer, corporate, tech, digital and, as announced earlier this month, health and wellbeing – all sit together in one huge room overlooking the Tate Modern in London and the Bay Bridge in San Francisco.

We envisage that this will be a ‘living’ logo, one that evolves and changes over time. If you look closely at the Brands2Life logo at the top left-hand corner of our website, you can see a hint of this as the logo image and colour changes as you watch. We believe that this type of dynamic identity is more suited to the changing times we live in and the varied markets and audiences we serve.

We hope you like it. We’re looking forward to sharing with you new developments on our brand journey. As we said at the beginning, initial feedback from staff and clients has been extremely positive; we’ve had so many comments saying we’ve caught the essence of who we are. If you haven’t experienced the Brands2Life ethos first hand, please do come in and see us. We think you’ll be amazed at the experience.

Giles & Sarah

Co-Founders, Brands2Life

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