New ‘LIFE STAGES’ Loan Scheme at Brands2Life

London, 30th April 2018 – This week Brands2Life announced the latest addition to its you@brands2life employee benefits scheme – the LIFE STAGES loan.

The scheme is designed to give all staff a helping hand when they need to make a significant financial outlay that will benefit their career or their quality of life. Everyone can borrow up to £1000 a year and pay it back interest-free over the next year.

The scheme will help junior staff who want to move into their own place in London and need to fund the rental deposit. Research shows that this is a major barrier to the recruitment and retention of a communications agency staff in London. Staff can also use the loan to fund the purchase of an educational course; a sports or arts season ticket or membership of a club or a gym; or technology at home such as a laptop or TV.

The announcement of this new scheme coincides with the offer of paid internships to nine people, chosen from over 500 applicants, this month. After three months those interns who perform well are offered permanent roles. Today over 40 of the current 135-strong Brands2Life workforce joined as trainees and two are now on the board since the company started in 2000.

The LIFE STAGES loan scheme is the latest innovation in the you@brands2life benefits package. Other stand-out features include paid sabbaticals at 4, 8 and 12 years; comprehensive health and dental insurance for staff and their dependents; and a holiday allowance that can go as high as 31 days a year (plus the ability to buy/sell an additional five days).

Giles Fraser, Co-Founder, comments “The cost of living in London grows ever higher so this scheme should make it a little easier for Brands2Life staff especially those looking to fund somewhere to live for the first time. And, if renting isn’t an issue for someone, then we want them to be able to afford something else that enhances the quality of their life whether that’s a season ticket at their football club; driving lessons; or a course to learn a foreign language.”

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