Zero gender pay gap at Brands2Life

London 28th March 2018: With the private sector gender pay gap deadline only a week away, leading independent communications agency Brands2Life has made a voluntary disclosure of its gender pay gap to reveal a mean gap of zero (-0.1%) and a median of -2.8%.

The company, which has under 250 employees, has male/female dual Co-Founders and a 50/50 male/female split 12-person leadership team. Overall the top 32 people in the company (the Senior Leadership Team) have a split of 62% women/38% men and the overall company split is 59% women/41% men.

The company always has a healthy gender balance and policies that support this. In particular, in the past few years, Brands2Life has continued to enhance its best-in-class offer to working parents. These include: enhanced maternity /paternity pay; private health and dental for all staff, their spouses and children; ability to buy/sell holidays; tailored flexible working packages for working parents; and the opportunity to work from home and take flexi days. The company also has a progressive and actively-managed equal opportunities policy.

Sarah Scales, Co-Founder, comments, “From Day One eighteen years ago we have championed equal opportunities at Brands2Life and this is reflected by the zero pay gap we are disclosing today. We believe part of our success can be put down to our even male/female split amongst the leadership team; the values on which we founded the agency; and, also, the opportunities we give all staff regardless of background. Everyone is treated equally, and individuals are rewarded on merit, talent, effort and achievement.”

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