Podcast: How does an organisation’s Purpose impact its people?

In the first of our Purpose podcast series, Claire Rudall, Joint MD of Brands2Life’s Corporate & Business Communications team, talks to Dara Kirton from PwC about the relationship between an organisation’s Purpose and its people.

Together, they explore issues relating to diversity and inclusion, cultural transformation, employee empowerment, and the role of a clearly-communicated Purpose in attracting and retaining talent.

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About Dara Kirton

Dara is an award winning Consultant who is currently leading the digital transformation approach for PwC Consulting BXT (Business, Experience, Technology). She is an advocate and champion for diversity and has been a role model for race, gender and social mobility action. Dara founded the Diversity Mentoring Scheme, chaired the Multicultural Business Network and launched the Colourbrave campaign to encourage confident conversations around race in the workplace. She is also a founding member of UKBlackTech.

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