We believe that we need to participate in the issues that our industry is facing today such as gender equality and diversity, and make sure we give back to society where we can make a difference.

We believe we are well ahead of our industry in terms of gender equality. We made a voluntary declaration of our zero (mean -0.01%) gender pay gap before the 31.03.18 deadline. With a male/female leadership, 50/50 split at board level and 66%/34% female/male split we believe we are in good shape.

We have established a partnership with Ark Globe Academy, a state school with over 1000 predominately non-white pupils, and have run three career enrichment days for 50 pupils, have coached their marketing manager and plan to host some pupils for work experience this summer.

Enrichment day at Brands2Life

We’ve also kicked off pro bono work to publicise the 30th anniversary of Hackney Quest, an organisation dedicated to supporting the development of young people in the East End. Watch our crowdfunding video below and read more about our work with Hackney Quest here.

We’re very proud of our broader CSR work with over £100,000 raised for Action for Children through our Bytenight sleep-outs over the past ten years. Staff raise money through cake sales, sponsored runs etc and then the company doubles what they raise.

There’s not much our team hasn’t done to raise money for good causes – from sleeping out on the streets for Action for Children’s BYTE Night (over £100,000 raised over the past 10 years) to baking cakes, running the Paris marathon, taking part in Race for Life, or donating at Christmas to British Red Cross. We’re proud of our team’s charity fundraising efforts and support them in every mission they set out on by doubling the amount of money that they raise.