Fiona Goldsworthy
Managing Director, Business & Technology

I joined Brands2Life in 2010 and have had the privilege of working on a wide range of tech brands including Cognizant, Darktrace and Distributed. Whether helping to build and establish start-ups or shaping the communications strategies of recognised brands to adapt to changing market conditions, no day is the same. Today I work closely with Andre to look after and grow the largest team of tech comms experts portfolio of technology clients in any agency in the UK.

Working with predominantly technology brands, I thrive on learning something new every day and applying these findings to create new stories for our clients, delivered across a mix of communications channels, to shape perceptions and influence actions.

In addition to working with highly talented people – from colleagues, clients to journalists and other influencers – I also look after Brands2Life Global, our network of agency partners around the world, gaining insights to inform our communications strategies in different regions and enjoy the opportunity to put my language skills to use.