at800: Resolving TV Interference


4G is bringing super-fast mobile internet to people across the UK. But some 4G signals can cause interference to Freeview, which could result in blocky or frozen pictures, no signal or a loss of sound or channels. at800 provides free support to people who are affected. But while the organisation’s purpose is straightforward, its communications are complex. It must convey a technical issue to a variety of audiences in a way that is easy to understand.


Engaging at a regional and local level forms the backbone of our programme. As 4G goes live in an area, we run an integrated media, public affairs, influencer and social and digital campaign. This enables us to raise awareness of the issue with viewers, but also those that they turn to for advice, such as MPs, landlords, community groups, residential associations and the aerial installer community. We continually review our messaging to make sure that the issue, and how it can be resolved, is explained in an easy way.


To date we’ve generated hundreds of pieces of on-message local and regional coverage, with an average of 21 pieces a month since the beginning of the programme. These include local consumer affairs broadcast slots and top-tier regional titles. We regularly deal with enquiries from MPs who are keen to understand more on behalf of their constituents. We have also worked closely with TCC, at800’s contact centre, to engage with thousands of viewers on social media.

The campaign has since been nominated at the Corp Comms DigiAwards for Best use of Digital Media in Customer Services.