Clients love the fact we can help them deliver a better story.

Today clients ask us to help them work their stories beyond PR, to make a bigger impact across multiple marketing channels. We help them get more bang for their buck than working across disparate channel or functional silos and deliver bigger impact with their audiences.

Because we monitor and converse with all kinds of media every day, our campaigns are fresher than the competition’s.

Our new communications model for delivering integrated marketing programmes helps clients understand their objectives, discover audiences, define the sales journey and content strategy, through to multi-channel campaign execution, and measurement of campaign impact before of course, feeding this back into the next planning cycle.

From start-ups to global leaders, whatever their marketing challenge Brands2Life helps them join the dots, to deliver high impact marketing programmes through amazing integrated content, all beginning with a better story at the core.

It’s why our work for Intuit has been called out as eating adland’s lunch, and why we have been shortlisted and won awards at B2B Marketing, Drum Marketing, CIM Marketing Excellence and Travel Marketing Awards for some of our best integrated campaigns this year.