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We built this agency to deliver integrated campaigns that raise brand awareness and drive sales in the UK and beyond. All of our campaigns demonstrate the power of From Idea to IMPACT in action. Here is a selection of Brands2Life’s latest, and greatest, campaigns.

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Keepy Uppy Challenge

How do you get financial services professionals in Canary Wharf interested in a software brand? With a Keepy Uppy Challenge – online and offline.


Qlik KeepyUppy Challenge Game and Event

Online ‘KeepyUppy’ keeps Qlik at the top of their game

Public Affairs

Information Superiority in Defence

EMC and RUSI define MoD’s Big Data challenge.


Real-time and reactive news hijacking for JUST EAT

Hopping on two celeb stories in one week, we created buzz on Twitter followed by online news coverage.


#Nothing Feels Like A Mizuno

Promotion of Mizuno golf range including state of the art SWING DNA technology


A record-breaking crowd funding appeal

We secured over $10 million for the ‘Formula One of Phones’

speaker Bureau

Executive Profiling for Nokia

As Nokia reshaped its business, the mobile giant turned to Brands2Life to help prioritise its participation at industry events and help Nokia’s board articulate its strategy to customer, partners and the industry.


EMC Big Data Opportunity

Brands2Life campaign aligned EMC with the public sector big data opportunity supporting the creation of several potentially lucrative public sector business opportunities.


Carbon Trust: Championing the Low Carbon Economy

The Carbon Trust and Brands2Life had to demonstrate how the Carbon Trust helps companies measure, manage and reduce their carbon impact, positioning carbon reduction as a business imperative delivering tangible commercial benefits.