Digital roundup for August

While summer slows down, August was full steam ahead with digital updates

Hashtags hit the big One-Oh and the GDPR deadline has got everyone in a frenzy. Mix in some platform updates and August was one heck of a month – take a look at our favourites here:

  1. The GDPR deadline is fast approaching

General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, is overhauling how businesses process and handle data. In just under a year, the protection rules will undergo their biggest changes in two decades. The update is designed to ‘harmonise’ data privacy laws, as well as give greater protection and rights for individuals. The regulation starts on May 25th 2018 and anyone who collects customer data, from marketers to retailers, should be analysing their data collection practices.

  1. YouTube better ‘Watch’ its back

Last month Facebook released its new episodic video service, Watch. It comes in the form of a video tab on mobile, desktop and TV apps, and although currently only available to a limited pool of content creators, this is an offering set to grow. Netflix and YouTube should take note.

  1. Seeing double: Instagram introduces functionality to go live with a pal

Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen some exciting changes to Instagram. From simple things like the logo update, to the large-scale purpose make-over that Stories brought, the social platform continues to go from strength to strength. Now they’ve added the functionality to let you go live with a pal by splitting your live video into two, and allowing you to appear to viewers together. A good feature for influencers and brands looking to collaborate.

  1. Facebook’s new advertising format: Collection

Facebook continues to prove it’s ahead of the game, recently launching Collection: an advert format that makes it easier for people to discover and purchase products in an immersive way. In short, it pairs a video with four products in the News Feed which caters to the growing popularity of video content, as well as drawing eyes due to its novelty.

  1. Welcome to double figures, hashtag!

On 23rd August, the trusty Twitter hashtag turned 10 years old – yes, hashtags really have been around for over a decade. The social platform celebrated with a special emoji and shared the hashtag’s eloquent birth story. In short, Chris Messina wanted a sign to create groups (see his proposal tweet here) and used the Octothorp symbol – which we now know today as the hashtag. The overriding moral of Chris’ story is there’s no such thing as a bad idea and perseverance is key. Over the years hashtags have become an integral part of our society, starting movements such as #BlackLivesMatter, and bringing us news updates from around the world thanks to ‘trending’ topics. Hashtag, the world wouldn’t be the same without you – Happy birthday.

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