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Web Summit – Why tech is impacting every industry

This blog post was written by a member of the Brands2Life Global team.

A few weeks ago, I attended Web Summit in sunny Portugal with my colleague, Fiona, to see what all the fuss was about. Despite the long queues to get in (which resulted to us watching the opening keynote streamed on Facebook Live), what stood out most to me was how technology is impacting very single industry all around the world – from food to energy. There isn’t one single industry, or country, where technology isn’t making a difference. To top that, it’s not just the new start-ups either – legacy organisations are also innovating using tech to revolutionise their sectors to deliver a better customer experience. Here are but a few examples of tech changing business and lives:


Once a footballer retires, what do they do? Famous football legends Luis Figo and Ronaldinho explained that they’ve had to come up with new ways to make money – and tech is helping them do this. Ronaldinho is investing in Zoome, a new video sharing social media app, whilst Figo is now co-founder of scouting app Dream Football.


Musician Ne-Yo complained that new streaming platforms, like Pandora, means that songwriters are only getting $90 for one million streams (people may not be so sick of love songs…). Tinie Tempah, on the other hand, explained that new technology has allowed him to get more insight into his fans to help him produce better music. We also heard from Hollywood actor turned tech entrepreneur Joseph Gordon-Levitt who founded HitRecord, an online collaborative production company, which provides an open platform where people can make things together.


Airbnb. Need I say more? But what has hit recent headlines is the supersonic train which will be able to travel up to 700mph, known as Hyperloop One. This type of technology is helping to make the world “a village again.” Imagine not only what it could do for us in terms of getting to New York in minutes, but also to the shipping industry.

Politics/public sector

Trump’s election win to become the next president of the United States was announced on the third day of Web Summit – and it certainly was a hot topic of conversation throughout the duration of the event. In the session on the US election fall-out with actress Shailene Woodley, she said Trump’s main mouthpiece was mainstream media, while social media has driven people apart and divided people’s opinions, rather than promoting empathy and understanding. There was much discussion around Facebook’s role in creating echo chambers of what we already think we know, feel and believe which will be interesting to follow as this further develops.

So, as you can see, tech is making an impact on companies, organisations and even individuals all over the world – and providing better experiences as a result. It’s amazing how many industries have also become reliant on technology to survive – not least being able to live stream the opening ceremony instead of missing out completely! Web Summit was truly inspiring, as was visiting our Brands2Life Global partner Canela PR in Lisbon – I’m sure we’ll be back!

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